What’s A Good Painting Estimate?

We do a lot of estimates here at Great Plains.  This year, we completed over 500 estimates with homeowners.  Since we started this company, that’s been thousands of estimates completed.  We’re always refining the estimate process as there are changes in our industry or we notice homeowners are dealing with a particular concern.  So what […]

Common Wood Rot Issues and Their Prevention

Each year, we fix lots of wood rot on customers homes.  We’re going to look at what the most common fixes we see in the field are and also about how we can prevent wood rot through routine maintenance.

How Long Will My Paint Last?

A common question we receive from potential customers is “how long will my paint last?”  The answer for having the longest lasting paint job possible depends on several factors:

Exterior Painting Season – When You Can’t Paint Outside

What is exterior painting season in Kansas City? It’s fall in Kansas City, and this time of year customers ask our team frequently if it’s ok to paint outside. We’ve discussed this over the years with our paint reps, and have put together our thoughts on exterior painting season.