COVID-19 — Precautions We’re Taking

Over the last couple of weeks, our team here at GPP watched, as we assume everyone has and is, the coronavirus or COVID-19 news closely.  This morning in our weekly look ahead meeting we discussed what our responsibility is, both to our team and our customers. We decided we must be responsible and contribute to […]

Oil Based vs Water Based Paint

We have a lot of options for what type of paint to reach for in today’s market.  Coatings exist that are great in many applications and manufacturers make highly specialized coatings for specific applications also.  In this post, we’ll look at the difference between water (acrylic) and oil (alkyd) based paint.

What Exterior Paint Should I Use?

Temperatures are beginning to warm up around Kansas City, and we’re already hard at work on exteriors.  Soon, we’ll be painting several exteriors a week and a common question we get during the estimate and production phases are what type of paint should I use on my house?  We’ll look at what we’ve got experience […]

What Exterior Paint Color Should I Choose?

Today, we have many options for exterior colors.  Choosing an exterior paint color can be a daunting task, mainly due to the number of colors available.  Sherwin Williams alone has hundreds of colors.  If you thought there was only one white, you are mistaken!  We try and lend a hand to help people painting make […]

Does the Exterior of My Home Need Painted?

We get asked this question often when we’re performing estimates with homeowners.  Waiting too long to paint the exterior of your home has consequences: failing caulking, wood rot, etc…  Painting when unwarranted is also problematic in that it isn’t providing you with the most value for your dollar, unless you can’t stand the color and […]

Residing vs Repainting

Just Paint or New Siding? We often give estimates to homeowners who are comparing two options: 1) re-painting their exterior and 2) residing their house.  We’ll weigh the pros and cons of each so that as you’re conducting research before meeting with companies you’ll have some of the information you need on repainting vs residing.

What Paint Sheen Should I Choose?

A common question we see when we’re working with customers is what paint sheen should I use for painting x?  There are quite a few available sheens and we’ll explore each one and let you know where, in our experience, we think they are best suited.  The available sheens (in order of least sheen to […]

What’s A Good Painting Estimate?

We do a lot of estimates here at Great Plains.  This year, we completed over 500 estimates with homeowners.  Since we started this company, that’s been thousands of estimates completed.  We’re always refining the estimate process as there are changes in our industry or we notice homeowners are dealing with a particular concern.  So what […]

How Long Will My Paint Last?

A common question we receive from potential customers is “how long will my paint last?”  The answer for having the longest lasting paint job possible depends on several factors: