Exterior House Painting

Great Plains Painting knows exactly what it takes to create a home exterior painting project that will bring beauty and value to your home. We have been painting exterior homes for years. We have the knowledge and expertise that you are looking for with regards to your next exterior painting project.

Sealing and Protecting Your Home’s Exterior

A quality exterior paint job seals and protects your home from moisture and mildew, dry rot and other damaging effects from the rain, wind, sun and snow. Between the harsh winters and the hot summers, your building’s exterior suffers more wear and tear from the outdoor weather elements. If not protected properly weather elements can cause your exterior paint to warp, crack and peel.

The actual painting of a home only consists of about 25 % of a total paint job. The most important part of panting your home is the preparation work. A good “prep job” can be (and usually is) the difference between painting your home every four years or every nine years. One thing to be sure and ask any painter that comes to give you an estimate is how they prepare a house before painting. It is an easy thing to cut corners on prep and you want to be able to trust that what is underneath your paint is going to hold up well for years to come. 

Increasing the Value of Home through Exterior Painting

There are several ways to increase the value of your home. A really good paint job will enhance the appeal of your home to your neighbors. If you are thinking of reselling, then a new exterior paint job will help to add the right appeal for your next home buyer. A new exterior paint job will help to add the right appeal for your next home buyer if you are thinking of reselling. You’ll make a great first impression on a potential home buyers.

Stop telling yourself that you’ll wait another year to have your exterior painting project done. Contact Great Plains Painting as your next painting contractor to help you with your exterior house painting project.