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Residential Cabinet Painting

If you’re thinking about switching your cabinets from the old wood finish look to a more modern white or colored enamel cabinet you’ll be amazed what it will do to your kitchen.  Enameling your cabinets is far less expensive than purchasing all new cabinets, and can usually be complete in 1 to 1.5 weeks depending on how many cabinets you have.

Getting your kitchen cabinets enameled is more complicated than brushing on a coat of paint.  There are many things to consider, and many steps if you want a finished product that will both look great and last for years and years.  At a minimum, make sure any company that is giving you an estimate is doing the following:

– applying an appropriate primer (we use oil based) that will bond to the surface
– using enamel for the top coat.  enamel is different than wall paint, its harder and specifically made for cabinets

We’ll walk you through exactly how we put our cabinet projects together so you have a clear idea of what to expect.  Plan on your kitchen being un-usable while we are working on your cabinets.  We also generally set up a temporary spray area in the garage to spray the doors, drawers, and shelves and allow them to dry, so a portion of your garage needs to be dedicated to that.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most of the time, getting your kitchen cabinets enameled follows the following sequence:

  1.  setup garage to spray doors, drawers, and shelves
  2. break down the cabinets – remove all the hardware, doors, drawers, and shelves
  3. prepare the kitchen – tape off countertops, flooring, walls, seal off doorways, and mask other non-painted surfaces
  4. wood filler / bondo any holes in doors or drawers (if required)
  5. scuff sand all painted surfaces
  6. apply primer coat – generally we’ll use an oil based primer.  it’s almost always necessary to achieve a good bond over the old stain and lacquer finish.  not doing this can result in the finish coat peeling off within a few years time
  7. allow to cure and scuff sand again
  8. apply enamel coat and allow to cure
  9. put everything back together – all doors / drawers / shelves / and hardware
  10. cleanup and final touchups

It can vary on the condition of the existing surfaces and what you’re wanting completed, but in general for us to produce a product we are willing to warranty and know will last for a long time a normal size kitchen is between $6k and $10k for the cabinets.  

Talk to our estimator about what you want and what your budget is and we’re happy to provide you with options that will fit your needs and budget.

We see a lot of people getting estimates from painting companies who are not using enamel to paint kitchen cabinets.  This is of course cheaper, but in our opinion this is a great dis-service to the homeowner.  If the cabinets aren’t properly primed and painted with an enamel they’ll look great for a year or two and then often they’ll begin to peel.  At this point, the cabinets require a complete strip of the paint that was applied and a re-do.

Enamel dries harder than wall paint, is easier to clean, and will resist scuffs and dings better than a paint designed for drywall application.  Enamel is specifically designed for trim, doors, and cabinets and is the right product for that application.

We recommend you ask anyone estimating your project how they plan on performing the work and what products they plan on using.  If you aren’t hearing words like “primer” or “enamel” proceed with caution.

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