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Carpentry & Wood Rot Repair

More often than not when we’re estimating projects, we find some wood rot that needs repaired.  When Great Plains Painting was brand new, we looked at estimates from other companies and noticed it was impossible to tell what was included, how it was priced, if labor and materials were included, etc…  We decided we’d price our wood rot differently than everyone else.  We want to be as clear and transparent with you on the wood rot repair on your home as possible, so we itemize the wood rot repair on each estimate.  Our wood rot repair estimate includes: 

  1. All labor and materials required.  The price you see on the estimate is what it costs
  2. Itemized list of what’s being replaced, quantity, unit price, and location
  3.  We use software to take and markup pictures and we’ll show these to you.  They also get printed and given to our crew so they know exactly what’s included and what needs done.  We can also email you the report if you want it
  4. We separate the wood rot repair price from the painting price so it’s clear what the wood rot costs on it’s own.  This way you can compare it to others or if you have a handyman or carpenter show it to him and get an estimate for the exact same items

We are fully capable of replacing or repairing almost anything if it is possible to do so.  If you have questions about wood rot repair, ask your estimator for his recommendations and options.  In the event that what you are dealing with is unique and your estimator hasn’t seen it before, he’ll reach out to our production manager Ryan or one of our carpenters to find out what options we can offer and get those to you at your estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

and questions you should ask

We’ve run into just about everything over the years.  Most commonly we deal with these issues on KC customer’s homes:

  • Siding Panel Replacement
  • Lap Siding Replacement
  • Cedar Shake Shingle Replacement
  • Batten Board Siding Replacement
  • Fascia Replacement
  • Soffit Replacement
  • Window Sill Nose and Trim Replacement
  • Trim Replacement
  • Porch Column Replacement
  • Oversize Roughcut Cedar Trim Replacement
  • Door Moulding Replacement
  • Garage Door Trim Replacement
Talk to your estimator and make sure to point out wood rot areas during your walkaround so that we can address and offer recommendations for all of the problem areas.

Sometimes wood rot issues are the result of using the incorrect materials for the project.  We look at some projects and see others have used cheap pine or poplar (common board) to perform the repairs and within a couple of years it’s already rotted again.

Not all materials are created equal when it comes to working with exteriors in the Kansas City area.  We exclusively use the following materials because they are designed to perform well in our climate:

Yes.  We are capable of residing one, multiple, or all sides of your home.  If we do so, we think the best product on the market right now is JamesHardie siding.  It is fiber cement, so it does not rot, is engineered to minimize joints and caulking, therefore minimizing failure points, accepts and holds paint extremely well, is hail proof, is fire proof, and looks great.  JamesHardie has an excellent warranty and can even come pre-colored (factory painted) making it a top competitor for longevity vs cost.

Check out our JamesHardie page to learn more.

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